Cerwin-Vega CVM-1624FXUSB 16 Channel Audio Mixer with Effects & USB

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With the highest number (10) of microphone XLR inputs of the Cerwin-Vega CVM Series of Mixers the CVM-1624FXUSB 16-Channel Audio Mixer with Effects & USB still has the same 3-Band channel equalizer Aux EFX Pan Balance and Gain (Trim) level controls as the other models. Made to withstand travel to and from gigs the CVM-1624FXUSB is built tough with a rugged metal construction. A built-in VEGA-effects 24-bit digital signal processor with 100 selectable programs is onboard as well as 16-bit 44.1kHz USB connection for direct recording and playback. With attachable rack ears you can mount this mixer in a standard 19 rack enclosure.